Frequently asked questions

You can get a simple fast divorce if you and your spouse have no assets or debts to divide and both of you agree to sign all the paperwork or if your spouse will not contest the divorce.  We provide a free phone consultation to decide how best to proceed.  Call us.

If you have already been separated for 1 year (even if still living in the same home) AND your spouse will sign the documents we prepare you can usually get divorced within 30 days – sometimes even faster!  If you have not been separated for 1 year there is a 90 day waiting period before we can ask the court to issue the divorce.

Other services on the internet are often cheaper because they just provide you with the forms and you have to do the work.  Also, they usually file your divorce in Potter or Cameron counties because the filing fee is cheaper (BAD IDEA!)  They often will not answer your questions.  Sometimes they are not even lawyers.  We do all the work – you just need to sign the paperwork.

If you want to talk to a real attorney to decide the best and fastest way for you to get divorced, we are probably the right law firm for you.  If you want an attorney to do all the work and deal with the court, we are probably the right law firm for you.  If you want to save some money and try to do the work yourself, we are probably not the right law firm for you.

Call or send an e-mail.  We promise to keep you updated on the progress of your case until it is completed.

We can file paperwork allowing a woman to resume her prior (maiden) name.  If you need an agreement that divides your assets or debts we can prepare that and file it with the court.  Additional services are provided for an additional fee.  Please contact us for the specific up front fee.

If your spouse decides not to cooperate or if your divorce is more complicated I can continue to represent you on an hourly basis.  I have been practicing family law for over 30 years and handle all types of cases. 

You are permitted to represent yourself and other firms will sell you the forms and a set of instructions for you to follow.  If something goes wrong or you make a mistake the court will deny your request for divorce.  We offer an attorney assisted divorce service so you know it will get done correctly and quickly.

Child custody does not have to be part of the divorce process in Pennsylvania.  We encourage parents to work out their child custody issues on their own.  However, if you need to resolve your child custody issues in court we can help.

If you have been separated for 1 year, usually you can get divorce in less than 30 days from when you and your spouse sign all the forms we prepare.  If you have not been separated for 1 year it will take a little over 90 days.  We figure out the best way for you to proceed and calculate all the applicable time frames.

Yes.  We can handle everything over the phone and through e-mail if you can print and sign the documents I send you (usually the same day you call).  You can also schedule and office appointment and meet me in person to discuss your case.  We are a real law firm – not an internet divorce service that sells everyone the same forms.

We accept cash, credit card or check.  We can send you a bill by email.  We can accept payment over the telephone.  We will provide you with a receipt and a letter describing what service will be provided.  Payment plans are also available (see out payment plan page on this website).